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M.I.C.E. exclusive Sustainable ADVICE Services

We want you to focus on the content of your event.

The same way that you entrust decorators to make your event look amazing and a caterer to ensure delectable food service... trust a sustainable expert to handle this part of your event.

Thanks to our preferred partners, we can offer you EXPERT ADVISE and make these practices real.



Successful recycling takes more than just putting out bins and hoping for the best. Our proven system is effective and makes it easy for guests and staff to participate in going green. Let us run your recycling program so you can focus on the most important parts of your event.



Our composting program is the perfect complement to our recycling program to help you aim for a “zero waste” event. We help you understand what’s truly compostable and what’s not, and we coordinate the entire collection process. With our recycling and composting programs, you won’t believe how little trash you end up with!


Food waste prevention & donation

No one enjoys seeing food go to waste at the end of an event. We’ll help you implement strategies to prevent food waste, as well as understand the legal and safety guidelines for food donations and help you coordinate with local hunger-relief organizations.


Floral donation

Do you wish the beautiful floral arrangements from your event could have a longer life? We’ll coordinate with local hospitals, assisted living homes or other facilities to find a place where your florals can bring joy to people in the community. We facilitate the pickup and drop-off process so you can relax after your event!


Supplies donation

Surplus event supplies are often costly to ship back to your home base, but that doesn’t mean they should go in the trash. We’ll coordinate collection of surplus event supplies, from lanyards to office supplies to exhibitor samples and more, and ensure they are delivered to a community organization for reuse.



Sustainability results are some of the most powerful metrics for any event. They provide benchmarks against which you can continually improve, and they provide an opportunity for you to share your success with attendees and stakeholders. Measure your results to gain a positive brand boost and demonstrate your adherence to event industry best practices.

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