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Discover that Andalusia has a peculiar and special color!

Much to do and much to see in the south of Spain, from cathedrals to beautiful beaches.



The Cathedral exclusive tour

As they say in Spain "who does not know Seville, has not seen wonder"

Did you know that the Seville's Cathedral is the largest Catholic cathedral in the world?

Visit this impressive gothic cathedral and

join this exclusive tour and immerse yourself in the art, history and architecture of this amazing city.


Seville's charm

From the Royal Alcazars to Plaza España and  finally the Giralda Tower.

If you are a lover of nature and history, you will love the mix of magic and culture that this city offers.

Then discover flamenco on the streets in the lovely plaza España.

And finally you can go up to the top floor of the Giralda tower, Seville symbol, and enjoy the stunning panoramic views.



What's better than learning to dance like a real Sevillana?


Yes! You can learn with a professional the steps of flamenco dance, in a really fun  and different way.

After the class enjoy a well deserved appetizer, and then appreciate an authentic flamenco show! 


The Alhambra in Granada

 Palaces surrounded by flowers and gardens.

History, culture, arabic touches and breathtaking views.

This is a must in Granada!

You can enjoy a private tour in the morning or in the afternoon and get to know this amazing place!





Holy week is one of the most popular parties in Seville!

Is the best time to get to know this magical city.

The streets full of people and incredible atmosphere everywhere!  

But what better than a privet guide that explains and shows each of the prosecutions in a personalized way.  


 Cordoba and



The special thing about Andalusia is the diversity.

Walk through Cordoba and discover the charm and food of this city.

 But do not miss the wonderful beaches of the city of malaga, the landscapes and its people.

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