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Baleares is a paradise on earth,  Prepare to see one of the most beautiful and breathtaking  beaches in the world! Explore the charm of each of the islands and enjoy the food and the amazing nightlife.   



Cuevas del Drach en Porto Cristo

These four caves are located in Mallorca, these are one of the most tourist attractions in Europe.

 It's like being in an adventure movie!

Enjoy a ride in a small boat and learn about the history,

 you will be surprised by so much beauty.



Mediterranean food

This Islands are an inexplicable paradise!

What better than eating mediterranean food with a dream view?

You can not stop taking pictures!


 Snorkeling &

Scuba diving

This is one of the most famous and fun activities you can do!

Immerse yourself in the beautiful deep ocean and explore a unique experience discovering the mediterranean sea.  


Boat, Salt & Sea

 Boat trip with only your friends and family!

Take a bath in the sea, delight the marvelous views and enjoy as much as you can!



Blue Marlin Ibiza

International food restaurant and bar in Ibiza! 

Incredible terrace and young atmosphere, perfect to have a good cocktail and have an unforgettable night.

the whole place can be closed so you can have an exclusive and private event!


San Sebastian Tour

People say San Sebastian is the most beautiful city of Spain. Discover if that statement is true with our city tour. Enjoy the impressive La Concha beach, the old town, taste the famous pintxos and ...

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