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7 key impact areas where you can act "greener" when organizing an event

Sustainable Events Asia recently gave away some tips for making more sustainable events, and we want to share this quite easy practices with all of our readers and colleagues in the event organization business.

They specify 7 key impact areas where you can act "greener" when organizing an event:

1. Event venue

2. Food and beverage

3. Transportation

4. Accommodations

5. Marketing materials

6. General products

Moreover, their findings state that from 2017 on there are 5 big trends related to being more environmentally friendly in our field:

1. Reduction of food waste

2. Digital strategy

3. Easily compostable materials (less plastic)

4. Reduce the environmental impact

5. Green walls

To get more information on the areas you can dig deeper in the Sustainable Events Asia article:

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