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Sustainable Brands Convention in Madrid

One of the largest sustainable communities in the event organization world has recently met in Madrid (Spain), under the following premise: "Redesigning the good life: Brands serving humanity".

Two days, 300 attendees and approximately 30 worldwide speakers joined this interesting program where humanity, sustainability and unity where the most repeated terms. Neither the multinationals nor the smaller companies wanted to miss the meeting, so you could find representatives of HP, Coca-Cola, Patagonia, Unilever, The Body Shop... among the participants.

María L. Escorial, a reporter covering the event for the magazine "Compromiso Empresarial" summarized 5 key ideas of the whole meeting:

1. The economic model is changing

2. Brands are starting to be activists regarding the environment and local communities.

3. Companies focused on people

4. SCR is dead (or at least in a transition moment)

5. Values change and we need new leaders with those new values.

You can get more info in the following articles (they can be automatically translated):

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