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Global Conference Gala Dinner 2019

On Stage is a Leading Production & Events company based in Hong Kong. Their client, Manufile (a leading insurance company) asked them to produce an exceptional Gala dinner in Barcelona. We had the honor of helping On Stage to implement their event design at the CCIB Banquet Hall.

The theme of the night was 'Voyage of success' and had to be combined with a true Spanish touch. We coordinated our partners and the CCIB team to offer an impressive 'mise en scene' with 3 large LED screens, live recording, 3 backdrops for guests to take pictures and selfies, ad-hoc stylish decoration of tables & foyer and a varied selection of characters and shows: Gaudí ladies, lizards, Spanish dance group from the National Academy.

We also supported some gamification during the dinner as well as the gifts for the 3 top winners: 3 original and unique portraits painted by a renowned Barcelona artist. Those 3 VIPs had 3 luxury cars with their names for their transfers: Rolls Royce, Porsche & Maserati.

The night was magical and we were absolutely impressed with the category of On Stage design & team. We thank specially all our partners and team involved for their tremendous performance. All was perfectly coordinated and Manulife was extremely satisfied with the results!

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