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Too Good To Go, the app you need to reduce food waste

Did you know that 1/3 or the world food is wasted? Probably not, neither did we. But when you think about it, the figure is outrageous!

That's what the people from 'Too Good To Go' thought, and they decided to create something to bring down this number. That's the the app was born.

In Spain, restaurants and food chains are forbidden to give away the food that's left after the day, they have to throw it away if it's not sold before closing time. What this app does it letting you buy the food that is left after the day, but for a symbolic price. You can't choose exactly what you get, it depends on the day, so they name it: "Surprise packages". You're being sustainable and surprised at the same time, all in one!

Although it was created in Denmark, right now it has presence in The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and, of course, Spain. And we hope it spreads around the world quickly, so we can reduce food waste everywhere!

Don't be the last one to download it! Together we'll make a positive impact in this planet!

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